Tyler Wentz Tuckahoe Little League Memorial Scholarship

We are honored to have been able to award our first Tyler Wentz Tuckahoe Little League Memorial Scholarship to a  future Virginia Tech student.

Application details for the 2018 Tuckahoe Little League Memorial Scholarship will be provided  in the future

Scholarship Information

Amount: $2,500

Number of Scholarships Awarded: One

Mission Statement: The Tyler Wentz Tuckahoe Little League Memorial Scholarship was created to provide financial support for higher learning to a player at Tuckahoe Little League who in their years at Tuckahoe, has demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship, leadership, strong mentorship, a positive and fun spirit, strong sense of family and community involvement, ambition, and self-drive.

Source of Funds: All funds are provided by The Tyler Wentz Memorial Fund. Although supportive, no funds for this scholarship are provided by Tuckahoe Little League. 

Disbursement of Funds: Scholarship funds will be payable to the student’s college/higher learning institution.

Selection Process: The Scholarship is awarded based on the review of applications by the Wentz Family and a committee of coaches and/or board members from Tuckahoe Little League.

Selection Criteria: The 2018 Scholarship Selection Criteria is under review at this time.

The Tyler Wentz Memorial Scholarship does not discriminate against its applicants based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

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