Tyler Wentz Tuckahoe Little League Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Information

Download the Tuckahoe Scholarship Application

Amount: $2,500

Number of Scholarships Awarded: One

Mission Statement: The Tyler Wentz Tuckahoe Little League Memorial Scholarship was created
to provide financial support for higher learning to a player at Tuckahoe Little League who in
their years at Tuckahoe, has demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship, leadership, strong
mentorship, a positive and fun spirit, strong sense of family and community involvement,
ambition, and self-drive.

Source of Funds: All funds are provided by The Tyler Wentz Memorial Fund. Although supportive, no funds for this scholarship are provided by Tuckahoe Little League. 

Use of Funds: Scholarship funds will be payable to the students college/higher learning institution.

Selection Process: The Scholarship is awarded based on the review of applications by the Wentz Family and a committee of coaches and/or board members from Tuckahoe Little League.

Award Notification: Guardian will be notified.  The winner will be announced at Tuckahoe Little League.  (Date to be determined) and also announced at their high school awards assembly.

Selection Criteria: Applicants must be

  • A current senior at a school that feeds into the Tuckahoe Little League district
  • No drug/alcohol infractions at school
  • Must be passing all classes
  • Be accepted into a school of higher learning
  • Played 4 years at Tuckahoe Little League (Spring or Fall)
  • Junior umpired (and in good standing) 3 years (Spring or Fall) at Tuckahoe Little League. If you worked as a Colonial Umpire or Old Dominion Umpire at Tuckahoe Little League this can be included in the time.
  • Time you spent helping to coach a team will be considered. You must have a note from the manager of each team verifying your time and duties.
  • All Henrico County School Community Service Program hours must be met with a minimum of 60% (48 hours) hours being earned at Tuckahoe Little League or another sport related organization.
  • Two-character references from a coach or manager at Tuckahoe Little League – non-family member.

The Tyler Wentz Memorial Scholarship does not discriminate against its applicants based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

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