Thoughts About Tyler

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We knew Tyler Wentz made an impact on the community, but we never know how much until people began to share their stories of how he has touched them. Below are stories that people have shared with us abut Tyler. We are grateful for these memories that have been shared with us. 

Stories About Tyler

It was 2 weeks before prom and I had just gotten my dress fitted. Tyler was at the same tailor as I was. He went and tried on his pants and I went and tried on my dress. I am not the biggest girly-girl ever so i was really self-conscious in it and i did not feel all that pretty in it. The next thing in know, Tyler walks out of the dressing room and he just smiles at me and goes “You look so pretty, Nora.” After prom when I saw him in the hallway walking back from gym he smiles and goes, “You were the prettiest one there.” Every time anyone came across Twentz, he always had the biggest smile on his face. I am thankful that I got to know him, even though I wasn’t the closest to him, he had a bigger impact on my life than he thinks.

I have to share the best day I had with Tyler. It was on Thanksgiving day several years ago. Michelle gave Tyler and I tickets to the redskin and Giants game at FedX field in Maryland. We left Richmond early Sunday, it was a steady rain and the temp was about thirty-five, it was the same at the field. Tyler had a cast on his leg so it was wrapped with trash bags to keep it dry. We had to park away from the field and ride a bus, only five min to the field. Our seats were in a VIP section so we could sit inside where it was warm and dry but because Tyler was a Giant fan we stayed outside. Everyone around us were all Redskin fans, Tyler had on his Giant gear, I looked around for a fast escape if needed. There was a big man beside Tyler, everything he had on was Redskins and Tyler and this man were talking about both teams and players. I kept quiet, I did not want to be noticed so no knew which team I was for. I kept looking behind at the people inside that were warm and dry thinking all the time I’m wet and cold as h–l. The man Tyler was talking went inside and came back with a cup of hot chocolate and gave it to Tyler, he had two hands but only one cup, This was the greatest gift Tyler had because there were on strangers to him and he could talk to anyone on their.. level, at this time Tyler was about eleven or twelve but talked like an adult. When the game was over we had to ride the bus back to the lot, it took five min. to get there, we had to get in line and wait to get on the bus, about one hour, it was still raining and cold. It took five hours to drive back to Richmond, remember it was Thanksgiving weekend. I had to share this story because it was a time with Tyler I will always feel it was our special day. By the way the Giants beat the c–p out of the Redskins’

Story by Tylers Grandpa the OLD COD FISH.(Tyler started calling me this when he was small.

I’m grateful to have had Tyler as a close friend. There are not a lot of kids out there that genuinely try to do the right thing all the time, but Tyler was definitely of those kids. That’s one of the reasons I loved hanging out with him. I was lucky enough to go to a few of Tyler’s baseball games at Tuckahoe and I will never forget how much he enjoyed the fact that his friends came to see him play. When he was playing first base, he chased a foul ball toward the fence. He didn’t realize where he was going and ran right into it. He just got up and laughed it off because he knew it would make us laugh. He always put others before himself and I think that is why Tyler had such a big impact on everyone that he met. Whenever we hung out, Tyler would always ask me what I wanted to do. Sometimes I would have to stop myself and ask him what he wanted to do because he always left it up to me. That’s the kind of kid that he was. Miss you brotha

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    Chuck Cottrell - October 22, 2017

    When Tyler played for the Red Sox, I had the privilege of coaching with Joe Sroba. One game versus the A’s and after numerous requests from Tyler, we decided to let him pitch. Those of you that knew Tyler knew he possessed 90+ velocity. That’s 90 YPH….YARDS Per Hour. After the game, Mike Carlisle came up to me and said, “Chuck I have NEVER seen a kid throw nothing but curve balls”. I said, “Mike….that was his fastball”. We had a big laugh but there was NO ONE more thrilled that day, than Tyler the minute he toed the rubber. We miss you Tyler!

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