Thoughts About Tyler

Tyler Portrait

We knew Tyler Wentz made an impact on the community, but we never know how much until people began to share their stories of how he has touched them. Below are stories that people have shared with us abut Tyler. We are grateful for these memories that have been shared with us. 

Stories About Tyler

I had the honor of being Tyler’s school counselor at Pocahontas middle school. Long, and lanky, he was a courteous and polite student to staff and peers. I already knew the Wentz family through TLL softball, so I had prior knowledge of Tyler’s easy personality.
We meet many children in education, and not all of them stay with us, however Tyler is one that I would have remembered regardless of his death. #TeamTyler

I became great friends with Tyler during our 8th-grade year at Pocahontas together. Tyler and I shared earth science and I.T. fundamentals with Mr. Edwards. I remember how much fun Tyler and I had in those classes together, and also how much fun we had staying up late on school nights playing Black Ops together, and talking about it the next day in school. I found a video on my computer the other day of me, Tyler, and a few other students dancing to “Woke up in a new Bugatti” while the class was unsupervised and I couldn’t stop laughing while watching it. After a great year of bonding with each other at Pocahontas, we both went on the Grand Canyon trip the summer going into freshman year. I remember Tyler showing up to the airport at 6 am with the biggest smile on his face. I got to know Tyler even better on this trip, and we even came up with “secret handshakes” that only we could do. While hiking in the dark, underground caves, Tyler rolled his ankle on a loose rock. After being carried out of the cave by his friends, he sat in his bus seat with the same big smile on his face he had the morning at the airport, even though he was in pain. I will never forget these memories of us together, and I am sure he is in heaven looking down on us with that same big smile on his face. I can’t wait to see you again someday. Rest easy Tyler.

I first met Tyler at Tuckahoe Little League. I remember back when him and I used to play out on the baseball field, me pitching and Tyler batting. Tyler was so funny and loved making jokes. He was such a great, strong kid and really dedicated to anything he loved. RIP.

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    Chuck Cottrell - October 22, 2017

    When Tyler played for the Red Sox, I had the privilege of coaching with Joe Sroba. One game versus the A’s and after numerous requests from Tyler, we decided to let him pitch. Those of you that knew Tyler knew he possessed 90+ velocity. That’s 90 YPH….YARDS Per Hour. After the game, Mike Carlisle came up to me and said, “Chuck I have NEVER seen a kid throw nothing but curve balls”. I said, “Mike….that was his fastball”. We had a big laugh but there was NO ONE more thrilled that day, than Tyler the minute he toed the rubber. We miss you Tyler!

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