Thoughts About Tyler

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We knew Tyler Wentz made an impact on the community, but we never know how much until people began to share their stories of how he has touched them. Below are stories that people have shared with us abut Tyler. We are grateful for these memories that have been shared with us. 

Stories About Tyler

I’ve never seen such a group of teenagers come together better than the Eagles did tonight at the vigil. It shows that we are a family and that we have so much care to give. Tyler was probably one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. I didn’t have any classes with him freshman or sophomore year but I really wish I could’ve. My biggest regret is not getting to know him better. My first time meeting him was in eighth grade at Deep Run for a Godwin/Deeprun football game. I remember him as being such a nice kid and he literally had a smile on his face at all times no matter what was going on. I really wish I could’ve known him better. A big thank you to Tyler’s parents for raising such a great kid who has made such an impact on so many people.

I remember the first time I met Tyler. it was at Tuckahoe little league and he was on the same team as one of my friends. I didn’t even know who he was up until after the game was over, he came over to me and said “Hi I’m Tyler, some people call me T-Wentz!” after that day I thought I would never see him again. but then, my freshman year I saw him again in the hall. He said, “Hey Haley, how was your summer!!” I was surprised he even remembered my name. I never had a class with him my freshman year but my sophomore year we had gym together. I remember when we were sitting in the bleachers in the gym, and he was casually sitting down and said “oh my gosh my knee!!” no one ever thought it was be a torn MCL but unfortunately it was. even though Tyler was in so much pain, he still managed to smile and said everything would get better. no matter any of the crap he got, he embraced it. he posted something on Twitter a few months ago and it said “clear eyes, full hearts” that saying is from Friday Night Lights. you could tell that Tyler was motivated each and everyday no matter what he was doing. I went through a really rough time my freshman and sophomore year, and when Tyler and I would sit out in gym because of injuries, we would always talk about how I was feeling. he would always say “everything gets better, no matter how hard it may be for you. everything in the end gets better. so keep fighting, I know you can do it” and I will always remember that saying. everything does get better. just imagining how happy Tyler is up in heaven is truly amazing. I know that God is looking out for him. he is looking down on us and listening to our prayers every day. everything happens for a reason, and there is a reason for God taking our loving friend from us. he is so happy. and that’s what helps me get out of bed every day, knowing he is happy and healthy. the Godwin community loves you Tyler. always and forever. rest easy bud, I love you.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to know Tyler as well as I wish I could have. The fact that one person was capable of changing so many lives is mindblowing and really makes you take a look at yourself. I can see through everybody’s memories of him and the way everyone described him that Tyler did more good for the world in 16/17 years than most people do in a whole lifetime. As horrible and heartbreaking it is that he’s no longer with us, we should all be at peace knowing that he changed so many lives, and he completed his purpose here. Live like Tyler.

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    Chuck Cottrell - October 22, 2017

    When Tyler played for the Red Sox, I had the privilege of coaching with Joe Sroba. One game versus the A’s and after numerous requests from Tyler, we decided to let him pitch. Those of you that knew Tyler knew he possessed 90+ velocity. That’s 90 YPH….YARDS Per Hour. After the game, Mike Carlisle came up to me and said, “Chuck I have NEVER seen a kid throw nothing but curve balls”. I said, “Mike….that was his fastball”. We had a big laugh but there was NO ONE more thrilled that day, than Tyler the minute he toed the rubber. We miss you Tyler!

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