Thoughts About Tyler

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We knew Tyler Wentz made an impact on the community, but we never know how much until people began to share their stories of how he has touched them. Below are stories that people have shared with us abut Tyler. We are grateful for these memories that have been shared with us. 

Stories About Tyler

I first met Tyler when Emily and I were on the same softball team back in ’09 I think. He always had a smile on his face and always wanted to help out with the team. I remember any chance he got he would always want to help coach and help us with our skills. Last year I saw him every day during the block change to 3rd period and every day he held the door open for me. He even waited for a good 30 seconds while I walked slowly to the door. I pray that he rests peacefully with God and that I will get to thank him for the kindness he’s done for me.

Me and Tyler were friends because we took it back to playin baseball as we were 12 and I remember him always trying his best and never giving up and last year I saw him in the halls always laughing with a group of people and he’s was just a great kid, I’m gonna miss you Tyler rest easy.

The first time I met Tyler was last year I think like the 2nd day of school. I was already in my seat and he rolled in and sat by me (in his wheelchair at the time). I introduced myself and he introduced himself. When I asked him what happened he said “I was just sitting and I tore my ACL (I can’t remember if it was his ACL of MCL) hahaha I’m the only human that could ever do that.” we both laughed so so hard and from that point on we were friends. We sat by each other in chemistry and in English class. In chemistry, we were the ones who occasionally dozed off. If one of us were awake we would always wake the other up, it was funny times like that that I’ll truly miss with Tyler. I could be having the worst day ever and Tyler would ask me how I was doing and somehow always figured out a way to make me smile or laugh. In chem, we both struggled with the material but me more than him. Whenever possible Tyler would always take time out of whatever he was doing to try to help me. I can never truly explain what impact he has had on me. I’ve learned so much from Tyler and will always be thankful for our friendship. I would do anything to tell him one last time goodbye, and how much he meant to me

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    Chuck Cottrell - October 22, 2017

    When Tyler played for the Red Sox, I had the privilege of coaching with Joe Sroba. One game versus the A’s and after numerous requests from Tyler, we decided to let him pitch. Those of you that knew Tyler knew he possessed 90+ velocity. That’s 90 YPH….YARDS Per Hour. After the game, Mike Carlisle came up to me and said, “Chuck I have NEVER seen a kid throw nothing but curve balls”. I said, “Mike….that was his fastball”. We had a big laugh but there was NO ONE more thrilled that day, than Tyler the minute he toed the rubber. We miss you Tyler!

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