Thoughts About Tyler

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We knew Tyler Wentz made an impact on the community, but we never know how much until people began to share their stories of how he has touched them. Below are stories that people have shared with us abut Tyler. We are grateful for these memories that have been shared with us. 

Stories About Tyler

I didn’t know Tyler personally. I wish I had… But he has taught me and I’m sure many others a valuable lesson. That is, to treasure the relationships you have with me and make new ones and come out of your comfort zone to help others and just I’ve a positive life. He was always so positive. He will be missed.

Just today before the vigil I went to Zero’s subs on Lauderdale. As I paid for my sandwich a worker there told me “I heard about the boy at your school that passed, and I’m really sorry for your loss. Were you very close with him?” Sadly, I answered, “No I never got the chance to meet him but I sure know who he was.” The cashier proceeded to tell me “He came in here all the time, it’s such a shame.” This really hit me. The fact that Tyler could make an impression on someone who just made sandwiches for him amazed me. His presence was remembered everywhere he went.

I remember times when Tyler and I would go fishing at Wilde lake and every time tyler tried to cast his fishing pole it would break so he would sit down and try and fix his pole and when he did it would just break again, it was so funny and no matter how many times it broke he just kept trying to fix it and he never got mad he just laughed and kept trying. I loved tyler and every single moment with him because those moments were just filled with joy, laughter, and tyler trying to fix his pole and they were the best and I will forever remember them.

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    Chuck Cottrell - October 22, 2017

    When Tyler played for the Red Sox, I had the privilege of coaching with Joe Sroba. One game versus the A’s and after numerous requests from Tyler, we decided to let him pitch. Those of you that knew Tyler knew he possessed 90+ velocity. That’s 90 YPH….YARDS Per Hour. After the game, Mike Carlisle came up to me and said, “Chuck I have NEVER seen a kid throw nothing but curve balls”. I said, “Mike….that was his fastball”. We had a big laugh but there was NO ONE more thrilled that day, than Tyler the minute he toed the rubber. We miss you Tyler!

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