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Hey Team Tyler nation, I wish I could provide some funny notes to my posts like Michelle but it’s just not my forte. I am the information nerd. So anyway on with the information…Every shift (at least so far) they take Tyler off of his sedation medicine to give his body a chance to get out of its deep sleep. These are the times when we interact with him and he squeezes our hands and wiggles his toes and such. I unfortunately have not been by his bedside to witness any of these until now. Today Tyler OPENED HIS EYES AND LOOKED AT ME. This was the most awesome feeling a Father could have. I am so excited and encouraged by this progress.

As far as the rest of last night apparently this is fairly common but the had to switch out his his ECMO circuit which basically is switching out the machine. This put his body under a little stress and he has been shivering some, but that has settled down.

He is resting again comfortably and we keep sharing with him about all the folks back home and around the country that are sending us his thoughts and prayers.

Please keep ’em coming our way.


Saturday Night

Tyler is still using the ECMO machine at 100% which is perfectly fine. Remember, that gives his body precious time to regroup and heal without having to work. The nurses gave him a bath and he did move his arms in a “purposeful” manner. (Lord, I hope he was polite.) But, that was a great sign. Otherwise we are holding steady with no sign of infections.

My grammar is horrid, I forget to use spell check, I am blinder than I care to admit and typing on my phone is just plain poopy. Print out my posts and correct them as a game. Your welcome:) In the mad dash to get down to Wilmington I left my glasses but packed purple eyeliner. Don’t judge. 🙂

Keep the thoughts and prayers coming.

Holding steady in Wilmington,

Team Tyler.

Friday morning

8:00 am. Last night we had a little blip with his heart rate and had to bump the ECMO back up to 100. But i am not at all discouraged. The nurses say he is about at that mark where stuff may begin to show up, for example pneumonia and right now he needs some extra support. We are going to take it minute by minute but I am gearing up for some bumps. He has two nurses dedicated only to him and they are awesome and he is in really great hands. Also I feel like this machine is truly working for his body so he can regroup and his lungs can heal without having to put forth effort in the healing process.

They still have him heavily sedated and on lots of pain meds. One being profolil which the nurse call “mikey’s milk”. Does Michael Jackson ring a bell? The bottle really looks like a milk bottle of sorts and I look at it upside on that pole dripping and i can’t help but think of putting some flowers in it like a pinterest pin. Ugh….. Glue gun on floor 1 please…

1:38 pm. – Tylers color continues to improve and those tie dye colors on his chest and arm have started to fade and recede which is wonderful news. He is showing signs of his lungs improving so they are going to start slowly decreasing the ECMO. They also are going to start a slow slow food drip

Please pray for Schuyler and his family as they head back to Richmond. I keep saying it over and over but the magnitude of Schuyler saving Tylers life is just…….no words are enough. Also pray that they have peace and assurance that they were everything Tyler and my family need and needed.

Keep ya’ll posted

Team Tyler


I received several emails asking about Emily. When we were notified of Tyler’s accident we had very few details and were unsure of Tyler’s condition. We decided it would be best for Emily to stay with Michelle’s parents until we were able to get better situated down here. Her grandfather picked her up (along with our furry family companions). She will be making a trip down tomorrow for a visit. She is doing okay and has a lot of support from her friends.


I wanted to give an update on Tyler’s status and also kind of explain the machine he is on as it helps to explain where we are. Yesterday the surgery was to hook him up to the machine. The machine at that time was doing 100% of the work his lungs would be doing. The said it would take some time but they would eventually start moving some of the work of his lungs back gradually over time. They actually started doing that today and he is now using the machine for 75% and 25% of his own lung use. We are very encouraged by this progress.

If you happen to know about an ECMO it also can be used to help the heart. Tyler’s heart is very strong and they are not leveraging the machine for this purpose.

Day 2 update

First I am going to say how incredibly blessed and overwhelmed we are with the outpouring of support, prayers, well wishes, and good thoughts for Tyler. Keep them coming because I believe they are really working. Natalie gave a great overview of what happened yesterday. Had Schuyler not rescued my Tyler from the water he would surely be dead. How is that for a great back to school essay? “What did you do this summer? “Well, I kicked around with my friends. Played a little soccer and video games. Went to the beach and did some fishing, body boarding, and saved a life…..” Not many 16 year olds can say that for sure. Schuyler, we are humbled and words cannot begin to express what you and your family (mom, Jon, your grandparents, aunt, and uncle) mean to us.

The EMT’S arrived and managed to get Tyler intabated and loaded into the helicopter however during the flight he got agitated and pulled out the tranche tube. Then, to add insult to injury, he threw up and aspirated the vomit and salt water. Horrid combination for the lungs.  I am told that when the med flight landed they wheeled Tyler in while doing chest compressions because he was under full cardiac arrest. And, I am told he had 2 or 3 more cardiac events before they could get him semistabilized. His lungs were so badly damaged that they had a heck of a time getting his blood to stay oxygenated and this quickly became a huge concern. On our way to Wilmington we got a call from the pediatric doctor telling us that as a “last ditch effort” we could have him hooked up to an ECMO machine which would take over for his lungs and heart. Essentially allowing his body and organs to rest and to also filter and resaturate his blood with oxygen. As Tyler was being wheeled back to surgery Schuyler’s mom made it her mission (and you can imagine how difficult this is in a non relative situation) to tell Tyler that Trey and I were coming and that we loved him. She did exactly what I would have wanted to do if I could have been there and I am so thankful that Tyler had another “momma bear” looking out for him.

So here is where we are today as of 11:00 pm on Friday. Tyler is in the CVICU (cardio vascilurar ICU) area of the hospital in a room of people that have a good 60+ years on him. It’s like Duck, Duck, goose. Old, Old, Old, YOUNG!!! Just kidding. I am obviously using bad humor as a cooping mechanisms. But most of these folks have had open heart surgery and other heart related issues. Tyler is considered to be on life support at this time because his body is relying on this machine to keep him alive.

Here is where your prayers and thoughts are helping and this is why I want you to please, please, please continue to do what you are doing. As of this morning, Tyler was relying 100% on this machine. We were given a time line of 48-72 hours to see improvement but in the last 8 hours or so he has shown signs his body has begun to heal and as of right now he is down to 65% reliability. He is making me nervous because I feel the more time he lets this machine do the work, the more time his body has some help and aid n healing. But, the child won’t slow his roll 🙂 The doctors and nurses all assure us that this is great news and we are hopeful this continues in this direction. They were able to wing him off of the three blood pressure medications he was on and he continues to hold a steady pressure. YEA!! They also took him out of sedation for a minute and he moved both arms and legs and was able to wiggle his toes when I asked him. Again, all great signs we are moving in the right direction.

He is on blood thinners to keep any clots from forming and had to have a slight procedure on his nose last night to stop the bleeding due to those thinners. They did put a tube going down to his stomach about 3 hours ago so he didn’t collect air and they are hope full to begin feeding him tomorrow with the aid of that tube. And while they were doing this they were able to remove most of the gauze from his nose. He has a large tube pulling blood from his leg and circulating it through the machine and back into his neck closest to his heart, which is for the ECMO. He is a little bloated from all the fluids which is expected. And he has a tracheotomy. Also part of his shoulder and arm look like a tie dye shirt. Heavy bruising from the chest compressions and they think he may have some tissue damage from all the meds they had to give him when he was in cardiac arrest. But considering everything else, that is small potatoes.

We are told he is a “unique case” here at the hospital and I can’t begin to tell you all how many doctors and nurses are looking in and consulting on his case. He and Schuyler are celebrities here at CLUB ICU. 🙂 I would say our next big mystery to uncover is how he is neurologically which we won’t know until he is completely out of sedation. We just don’t know how much, if any damage was done to his brain due to lack of oxygen. But that is another bridge to cross, we aren’t there yet and I refuse to worry about it. So, keep those prayers and good throughts headed Tyler’s, and Schuyler’s way. Both of these guys are great young men and have many, many happy years ahead of them. Schuyler will be the tall one and Tyler will be the one wearing SPF 250, a life jacket, arm floaties, bubble wrap, insulated socks, steel toe shoes, and a construction cone hat.

Cause momma said so!

The Internet connection here is lackluster and less than steller. I know alot of you have sent messages, prayers and thoughts and I am forever grateful from the bottom of my heart and sorry I can’t respond to them all.

But PLEASE keep them coming because I can assure you that they are working. Hugs to your kids, tell them you love them and let them know how important they are. Tyler could swim but whatever happened, happened in water that was waist deep. You just never know. I will continue to keep you guys posted.

Love, Michelle, Trey, and Tyler.

Tyler’s Story

I, Natalie Reddell (Schuyler’s mama), am writing on behalf of Tyler Wentz’s family. His mama, Michelle, will likely post from here on out, but I wanted to update family and friends who are concerned about Tyler. He is in stable condition and on his road to recovery, but it has been a trying 24 hours.

Our family had the pleasure of taking Tyler with us on vacation to Bald Head Island, NC. After lunch on Thursday, Schuyler, Tyler and my dad went body surfing in the ocean. Schuyler and Dad caught a wave and rode into the beach. They got up and could not find Tyler. Schuyler spotted him floating face-down out past the waves. He and my dad swam out and carried him back to the beach where they performed CPR. Tyler was then air-lifted to the hospital in Wilmington, NC. He is in the Intensive Care Unit and is unconscious, but has been stabilized. We may never know exactly what happened, but it is likely that he was hit by a wave and ingested lots of salt water. The greatest damage was to Tyler’s lungs. He will likely be unconscious for a couple of days. He is on a machine that is doing the work for his lungs to give him time to heal. It is not yet clear how long Tyler will be in Wilmington, but we do know his road to recovery will be a long one. Tyler’s family is grateful beyond words for all of the love and prayers. Trey, Michelle, Tyler and Emily are so amazing and are remaining strong in the midst of this hardship. God’s Grace has been present through the whole ordeal, so please continue to pray for the Wentz family, Tyler and the medical staff who are caring for him. The family will be reading any messages and support you can send through this Caring Bridge site and they will be updating the site as information becomes available. Please join us in supporting and pulling for TEAM TYLER!

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