Hey Godwin Seniors

Live Like Tyler

Hey Godwin Seniors!!!

The Tyler Wentz Memorial Scholarship for Godwin High School is accepting applicants and we need YOUR help!

Do you know anyone who fits this description?

  • Has a kind and good heart?
  • Performing quiet acts of kindness are no big deal to them, almost second nature and they don’t need recognition
  • Meanness and bullying are not part of their personality
  • They have good character, responsibility, and a strong work ethic
  • They can make you laugh, and they can laugh at themselves
  • They are respectful of their peers, parents, and teachers
  • You feel they have made a positive influence on others and their school/community
  • They have tons of pride and school spirit!

If you have the perfect person in mind, nominate them by filling out a short nomination form available from Amy Gravely in the counseling department or nominate a student online (Nominations are sent directly to Godwin School Counseling).

Thanks for your thoughts and considerations


-Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t loose! -

2nd Annual Tyler Wentz Memorial Golf Tournament Photo Gallery

We are so happy we are able to share photos with you from the Second Annual Tyler Wentz Memorial Golf Tournament. We want to give special thanks to Thor Macht who was there the whole day and provided us his photography services for the event.

Sunday, October 22nd was gorgeous! What awesome weather for an awesome tournament. We are so very thankful for all the wonderful folks that came out to support the Tyler Wentz Memorial Fund. The day was fantastic and we sincerely hope to see you all again next year!


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First Annual Tyler Wentz Memorial Golf Tournament Photo Gallery

I'm so happy to announce we had a super time at the Golf tournament! What a super gorgeous day with 120 players taking over the course at 1:30 pm and finishing just before sunset. Thank you EVERYONE for your support we are definitely doing this again! So be sure to check back and sign up again. Please enjoy the pictures taken by our two volunteers who stuck it out all day taking photos!

First Annual Tyler Wentz Memorial Golf Tournament

SAVE THE DATE - October 23, 2016

Tyler Wentz Playing Golf

Come celebrate Tyler's 18th birthday with us by participating in the First Annual Tyler Wentz Memorial Golf Tournament Scholarship fundraiser! In keeping up with Tyler’s drive, spirit, and passion, our goal is to raise money for 2 scholarships (more info to come). ALL proceeds made at this event will help us carry on Tyler's memory and fund those scholarships for years to come.

We would love to see you out on the green, October 23rd. The day promises fun, laughter, food, prizes, and cake. Yum! For more information and to sign up, continue down the page to learn more. Want to play but don’t have any clubs? No problem, the course has club rentals.

Don't play golf, but still want to help?  We need you! Scroll down the page to learn about sponsorship opportunities, or purchase some raffle tickets by entering your email address below and we will instantly email you with raffle entry information. We accept cash, check or credit card (via PayPal). The raffle will take place at the end of the tournament and YOU DON'T NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN! The raffle includes restaurant gift certificates and other great prizes. Grand Prizes are a set of TaylorMade Irons and a Yeti Cooler!

[caldera_form id="CF57e8402a977b2"]

Tournament Player Information

Location: Hunting Hawk Golf Course
Time: 1:30 Shot Gun
Format: 4 Player Captain’s Choice
Cost: $75 Per person (Individuals WELCOME)
Sign-up Deadline: October 19th

outback steakhouseYour tournament fee includes 18 holes of play and includes dinner provided by OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE.

Download the sign-up flyer -or- Register Online


Tournament Sponsors Needed

Please consider sponsoring the Tyler Wentz Memorial Golf Tournament. Personal and business sponsors are welcome. The following sponsorship opportunities are available. We also are accepting gift certificates to award as raffle prizes. Contact [email protected] for more details.

  • Hole Sponsors $100
  • Beverage Carts  $250/Sponsor
  • Putting Contest Sponsor $150
  • Longest Drive Sponsor $200
  • Raffle Prizes Sponsor $150
  • Closest-to-Pin Sponsor $200
  • Gift card/new product donations as raffle prizes are also welcome

Download the sponsorship flyer

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A Reason To Sing…

I usually don’t talk about my religion, church or faith. I believe everyone has a right to worship however they choose, but I do want to share a very special moment I had today during service.

Today was a little tough. The sermon was about 9-11, loss and faith. This week, as many of you know, also marks one year since Tyler’s passing. During communion, they played a beautiful song. It was dedicated to those who have suffered loss. Tyler was a part of the church’s youth group and is one of the reasons we joined this church. The soloist knew Tyler and I was told she was singing it in Tyler’s memory. It was an extremely touching moment for me and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Here is “A Reason To Sing”

Show us where Tyler’s Been!

We have had great success with our t-shirts. There have been lots of Facebook posts with people proudly wearing their “Live Like Tyler Shirts”. We wanted to share some images of these with everyone. Email me your pictures and we’ll add you to this gallery.

Don’t have a shirt yet?

If you have not had a chance to order one yet go on and fill out the form to get on the wait list.

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Are you ready for some baseball?

I know its been a while since we have posted anything, but I know the heart of #TeamTyler continues and we are still very grateful for all the support we continue to receive.

Last year our baseball team had a pretty rough time, but I also was AMAZED at how Tyler was about the whole thing. When he was younger he was one of those kids that would beat himself up and over-stress himself at the plate and during the game.

That all being said last year Tyler would show up to every game with a beaming smile and a great and positive attitude. I have to admit his fielding and throwing could use some work but his bat was on fire. I do not recall a game where he did not at least make contact and get on base. I have no idea how he was doing it, but his ball would consistently go into the gap. It was awesome. Tyler never hit a home run and this past year he came so close — If only the fence was a foot shorter– but this year he had fun at every game.

I recall the day I came home with the hats he grabbed his hat and a Sharpie and went into his room. About ten minutes later he came out and said “I’m going to have a great season and I have all the motivation I need to stay positive on my hat”. I let him keep whatever he wrote to himself. A couple of months ago I was going through some of his things. I found his hat and it said:

Swing like Pujols
Field like Trout
Have the heart like Jeter
Act like Puig

I don’ think we have to agree with all of those, but I’ll tell you what, those words motivated my son every game. For all of you who play baseball have a great season and there is one other line like I would like to add to my son’s inspiring list.


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What I question and what I know

It’s been a while since I have posted anything and I have been pondering whether or not to share this, but I do think it is worthwhile. I hope I don’t offend anyone by writing this post. These are my own personal thoughts.

Since Tyler’s passing I have been thinking a lot about my faith and beliefs. I have always been taught to believe in God, but have always been a little bit of a skeptic on that subject.

Science over the years has taught us a lot about things that we did not previously understand. The Greeks and Romans and others worshipped many gods and used them to explain things they did not understand. I have often wondered if we are doing the same thing with our God. Is there really such a thing as a spirit? When we leave this world do we go on to Heaven? Is there really anything after this life? I cannot honestly answer these questions and the truth is no one REALLY knows. I know a lot of people believe and have faith and I hold nothing against those people. Actually, I envy them a little for having such strong beliefs, but I tend to take a logical stance about this and simply just don’t know and have no proof. I do honestly hope there is more to us then just what we are here and now but I just don’t know. Is that just our human ego to want more?

Since my loss here is what I do know.

Tyler has left a positive impact on all sorts of people and will never be forgotten.

Some cheerleaders at Godwin recently shared this picture

Several of his friends stop by every once in a while to visit to see how we are doing and let us know how they are. Many of them have offered to help out to do things like shovel snow off the driveway this winter (so far it looks like they won’t have to do that). His friends from school are still tweeting and posting things about him. We have been given money for his memorial fund that the students raised by selling wristbands (I have what is left if anybody wants one). I also want to thank the many people who also have given so generously to his fund.

Baseball season is not yet here, but if we run into someone from Tuckahoe they are asking about how we are doing and they let us know they have been thinking about Tyler too.

We got more Christmas cards this year then we have ever received. Many of them with personal notes to us offering prayers and support.

People I have not seen or spoken to since high school are reaching out on Facebook and commenting on posts about Tyler. It’s all pretty amazing. Someone I talk to regularly who did not know Tyler mentioned how amazed they were at the all the media coverage he received. We hear from so many and I know there are many more who don’t know us that think about him.

Some people may say that is Tyler’s spirit talking to us and perhaps maybe that is what people mean when they talk about someone’s spirit. I just know that even if it is not, Tyler will live in all those people’s hearts forever as he lives in mine. And for that I am grateful.


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Tyler Jumping at a park

Live like Tyler – Remembering him forever

A while ago on I was going through Twitter and looking at posts. I know we have been using #TeamTyler to remember him and I think that is awesome, but I also found another hash tag a lot of students at Godwin have been using a lot as well – #LiveLikeTyler. I think it is pretty awesome that Tyler inspired such a positive movement over at Godwin, it makes me very proud to say I am his father, and I hope that people everywhere continue to live like Tyler whenever they can. I know I have been inspired to.

Live Like Tyler tattoo idea
Live Like Tyler tattoo idea

Ever since I found that hash tag the message really stuck with me. Also, Michelle has an awesome picture of Tyler jumping in the air. Every time I looked at that picture the words “Live Like Tyler”s come to mind. I decided that both of those things are something I want to remember forever. I decided to do something I never thought I would do. I contacted a local tattoo artist named Matt Brotka. We worked together on my idea. I sent him an initial drawing of my thoughts. We talked though it and what he came up with is truly amazing. From now on I will always be able to look at my arm and remember to “Live Like Tyler”. I am so thrilled with my tatoo and that I can share it with everyone.

Let me know what you all think in the comments!

Live Like Tyler Tattoo
Live Like Tyler Tattoo


P.S. For the family we met at Vinny’s tonight. Thank you. You also sure know how to Live Like Tyler!

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A friend's NIKEiD Shoes

Who needs Jordan’s when you can have these?

Back in November I was out running some errands and when I walked into the house my daughter met me at the front door and was so excited. She had her phone in her hand and she showed me a tweet from one of Tyler’s friends. It was a picture of some Nike shoes he just had gotten and they had #TeamTyler embroidered on the back of them. She was real excited and Michelle asked immediately “How do we get some?”.

I wish I could say that we partnered with Nike and this is their new line along with Jordan’s and KD’s. Man that would be so cool, but sadly not the case.

I was aware that Nike make custom shoes at the NIKEiD site because Tyler designed a pair online back when he was a freshman. I kind of regret never ordering him a pair. Now really seemed like a good time to make it up to him.

We all jumped online and got to work designing our shoes. Below are our NIKEiD #TeamTyler creations. Man I love these new kicks.

The families new shoes!
The families new shoes!

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