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Tyler’s Story & Carrying On the Good…

Thanks to Trey’s hard work and computer skills, Tyler’s website is really looking amazing! Thanks to all who have shared their Tyler Stories and pictures. It’s awesome to see it all coming together. Please continue to check the site as we (and YOU) add more stories. The videos from the news broadcasts are available on the site and you can now make donations directly to the Tyler Wentz Memorial Fund. We have some awesome things in the works for carrying on the Good in memory of Tyler, so stay tuned! #TeamTyler

One of the many “Tyler Gifts”…

In sixteen short years, Tyler’s kindness and fun-loving spirit have made an incredible impact on our community and beyond. He has left many “gifts”, but his mama and I treasure the text he sent her just before the accident. It has helped carry us through this and we want to share in hopes that it helps carry you, too.

Fwd: Hey mom just wanna give you an update. I’m really having a great time here and Schuyler’s grandparents love me and think I’m a really nice, laid back, and responsible kid (props to you?) me and Schuyler saw a shark swim next to us yesterday which was awesome yet extremely scary. It’s literally like you wake up at grandmas house here cause everybody’s up and breakfast is cooking and everyone sits together like us and just eats and has really cool conversations. Schuyler’s mom made this dip that is literally heaven and I’m getting the recipe so we can have it( it’s heaven dip) the beaches are saltier than Peter chens soup but that’s ok cause they have the best waves to body surf in. I haven’t found any seaglass yet but I’ll find some eventually for ya. I have been super good at brushing my teeth(surprisingly) and have been showering like once a day. I love you and want you to know that I’m safe and are having a blast!

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Angels in the Outfield for Tyler! (From Natalie)

What a day! Trey, Michelle and Emily continue to amaze me with their strength, love and grace. Today was tough, but wonderful, as we planned Tyler’s Celebration of Life. I will post more specific details tomorrow, but please join us this Saturday at Tuckahoe Little League field #9 to honor Tyler and have fellowship with each other. Bring your own chairs or blankets and show your #TeamTyler Spirit by wearing something patriotic. Little League Uniforms encouraged. Baseball caps backwards for luck in true Tyler-Style!

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Monday, September 14th (from Natalie)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For all of the love and prayers and texts and hugs and flowers and cupcakes and emails… Thank you.

Michelle, Trey and Emily returned home last night. Pray for them. Arrangements are being made for a service to celebrate Tyler’s Life. I will post the details here as soon as they are available. Please give them time. Right now they need Peace.

Hugs and Love to each of you. We will get through this together. #GodisGoodAlloftheTime #TeamTyler

From Natalie Reddell on behalf of Michelle (WITH CRAZY AMOUNTS OF LOVE!)

It’s Natalie Reddell (Schuyler’s mama), again. Whew! What a day. I am posting on Michelle’s behalf because she is in the ring swinging punches with her baby boy, Tyler. They are two of the most amazing fighters I have ever had the Amazing Grace of knowing. (Cue the theme from “Rocky”) Michelle and Trey and Emily and Tyler need our prayers BIG TIME! Tyler and the doctors are working so hard to get things right with his lungs and liver. They have made some miraculous progress today, but aren’t out of the woods, yet. Please, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Kneel down on the floor, bow your head, shout, sing, WHATEVER! God does not care, just give it all you got for #TeamTyler! Lift that precious boy up and ask God to heal him so he can be the blessing that he is to all of us around him! God is good all of the time! #TeamTyler

Tyler’s Story

I, Natalie Reddell (Schuyler’s mama), am writing on behalf of Tyler Wentz’s family. His mama, Michelle, will likely post from here on out, but I wanted to update family and friends who are concerned about Tyler. He is in stable condition and on his road to recovery, but it has been a trying 24 hours.

Our family had the pleasure of taking Tyler with us on vacation to Bald Head Island, NC. After lunch on Thursday, Schuyler, Tyler and my dad went body surfing in the ocean. Schuyler and Dad caught a wave and rode into the beach. They got up and could not find Tyler. Schuyler spotted him floating face-down out past the waves. He and my dad swam out and carried him back to the beach where they performed CPR. Tyler was then air-lifted to the hospital in Wilmington, NC. He is in the Intensive Care Unit and is unconscious, but has been stabilized. We may never know exactly what happened, but it is likely that he was hit by a wave and ingested lots of salt water. The greatest damage was to Tyler’s lungs. He will likely be unconscious for a couple of days. He is on a machine that is doing the work for his lungs to give him time to heal. It is not yet clear how long Tyler will be in Wilmington, but we do know his road to recovery will be a long one. Tyler’s family is grateful beyond words for all of the love and prayers. Trey, Michelle, Tyler and Emily are so amazing and are remaining strong in the midst of this hardship. God’s Grace has been present through the whole ordeal, so please continue to pray for the Wentz family, Tyler and the medical staff who are caring for him. The family will be reading any messages and support you can send through this Caring Bridge site and they will be updating the site as information becomes available. Please join us in supporting and pulling for TEAM TYLER!

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