Live Like Tyler

Hey Godwin Seniors!!!

The Tyler Wentz Memorial Scholarship for Godwin High School is accepting applicants and we need YOUR help!

Do you know anyone who fits this description?

  • Has a kind and good heart?
  • Performing quiet acts of kindness are no big deal to them, almost second nature and they don’t need recognition
  • Meanness and bullying are not part of their personality
  • They have good character, responsibility, and a strong work ethic
  • They can make you laugh, and they can laugh at themselves
  • They are respectful of their peers, parents, and teachers
  • You feel they have made a positive influence on others and their school/community
  • They have tons of pride and school spirit!

If you have the perfect person in mind, nominate them by filling out a short nomination form available from Amy Gravely in the counseling department or nominate a student online (Nominations are sent directly to Godwin School Counseling).

Thanks for your thoughts and considerations


-Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t loose! -

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