Are you ready for some baseball?

I know its been a while since we have posted anything, but I know the heart of #TeamTyler continues and we are still very grateful for all the support we continue to receive.

Last year our baseball team had a pretty rough time, but I also was AMAZED at how Tyler was about the whole thing. When he was younger he was one of those kids that would beat himself up and over-stress himself at the plate and during the game.

That all being said last year Tyler would show up to every game with a beaming smile and a great and positive attitude. I have to admit his fielding and throwing could use some work but his bat was on fire. I do not recall a game where he did not at least make contact and get on base. I have no idea how he was doing it, but his ball would consistently go into the gap. It was awesome. Tyler never hit a home run and this past year he came so close — If only the fence was a foot shorter– but this year he had fun at every game.

I recall the day I came home with the hats he grabbed his hat and a Sharpie and went into his room. About ten minutes later he came out and said “I’m going to have a great season and I have all the motivation I need to stay positive on my hat”. I let him keep whatever he wrote to himself. A couple of months ago I was going through some of his things. I found his hat and it said:

Swing like Pujols
Field like Trout
Have the heart like Jeter
Act like Puig

I don’ think we have to agree with all of those, but I’ll tell you what, those words motivated my son every game. For all of you who play baseball have a great season and there is one other line like I would like to add to my son’s inspiring list.


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