A friend's NIKEiD Shoes

Who needs Jordan’s when you can have these?

Back in November I was out running some errands and when I walked into the house my daughter met me at the front door and was so excited. She had her phone in her hand and she showed me a tweet from one of Tyler’s friends. It was a picture of some Nike shoes he just had gotten and they had #TeamTyler embroidered on the back of them. She was real excited and Michelle asked immediately “How do we get some?”.

I wish I could say that we partnered with Nike and this is their new line along with Jordan’s and KD’s. Man that would be so cool, but sadly not the case.

I was aware that Nike make custom shoes at the NIKEiD site because Tyler designed a pair online back when he was a freshman. I kind of regret never ordering him a pair. Now really seemed like a good time to make it up to him.

We all jumped online and got to work designing our shoes. Below are our NIKEiD #TeamTyler creations. Man I love these new kicks.

The families new shoes!
The families new shoes!

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