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Let’s Make This Tartar Sauce a Little Sweeter this Holiday Season

This week I needed some peace and the stories people have written have really helped me, but I have read all the ones on the site many times. I decided to go though a box we had at Tyler’s ceremony where people could share their thoughts and stories about Tyler. There were some good stories that made me feel a little bit better, but I found one piece of paper that just said “Two Words…Tartar Sauce!”. I had to think about this because it rang a bell, but could not place it. Then it hit me…

You see, all the way up until middle school Tyler was not a fan of foul language. Up until around 3rd grade it outright offended him. I remember eating out once and someone in the booth next to us dropped an f-bomb and he was like “Did you hear what that guy just said? Are we going to say something to him?” and boy was he mad. Well I did not say anything as anyone who knows me knows that I’d be rich if I had a nickel for every time I cussed (okay, NOT on the ball field). Also, all of his high school friends know he eventually became fine (and very fluent) with the use of colorful four letter words (I did hear from a parent of someone he coached that Tyler did do a very good job on censoring himself if any of the younger kids he coached joined him on Xbox, which makes me pretty proud). Well anyways…The one thing Tyler did say in his younger years when he was angry upset or in a situation where someone would normally just say “s—t” he would say “Tartar Sauce”. I remembered that is what good old SpongeBob Squarepants would say. I even Googled it and it shows up in the urban dictionary…

tartar sauce

slang,when in distress just yell it out,a word made up by the creators of SpongeBob Squarepants.

Tartar sauce, I thought SpongeBob was on T.V.!

Well I do have to say that I do agree with whoever left those words on that note. This whole thing is just “Tartar Sauce”.

Also, this week one of my friends shared a post with me they saw on Facebook from the local news station. I thought about all the “Tartar Sauce” but realized that we are not the only parents who have lost a child as well. Here is the post in case you have not seen it…

We asked for the same thing with Tyler the week of his birthday and we got a tremendous response. I would like to ask that everyone do the same for Abbie Waters’ family before the holidays. If you do this feel free to share a comment with us below and remember to email the Walters to let them know your act of kindness.

Let’s make this Tartar Sauce a little sweeter. Take care.


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    Amy Morris - December 24, 2015

    Michelle, your generosity of spirit is endless, even in times of great personal distress. That you can see beyond your own grief to focus on another family, is remarkable! Thank you for keeping us grounded in what is important! And for reminding us that we are all in this boat together…if one family is grieving, we can act together for good to try and overcome the darkness that is always threatening our lives. You are loved!

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