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Band of Titans

2 years ago Tyler played with the TSI Titans travel team in the fall. This past Friday, one of his team mates moms called me and asked me if we had any more #TeamTyler Bands. They actually wanted to give 2 travel ball teams #TeamTyler bands to wear in this weekends’ tournament. We have some left and were able to get them enough for the teams.

Titans, Cam and David
Cam and David showing off their TeamTyler Bands

I got a text and some pictures from that mom today and the Titans won both their games today! The first game they won by 6-3 and the second they beat the team 4-0. They say that Tyler inspired them today to help them get the wins. I am happy for them and look forward to hearing about more victories.

By the way we still have more wrist bands. If you are interested in getting one let one of us know.

2016 TSI Titans
2016 TSI Titans

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