Flowers by first base for Tyler

How Tyler Affected Our Family

Note: This was an email we received from a father of one of the boys Tyler coached. I decided to make his name anonymous since it was a private message

Dear Wentz Family,

Our thoughts and prayers have been with y’all since we heard the news about Tyler. Coach Wentz and Tyler were our son’s coaches for the Cardinals in the Fall of 2014 and Tyler was also his coach last spring with the Red Sox.  He ADORED Tyler. He was our son’s FUN at every practice and game! He has also been an amazing role model for him over the last few years. As you can expect, at 10 years old he has been struggling with the fact that Tyler is gone and will not be his coach this fall. He asked us “who will tell me what to do at 1st base”. Our reply “buddy, he is there, his spirit, he is standing there, just listen and feel him”.

Our family attended Tyler’s Memorial Service.  During prayer, our son broke down in tears, we asked him what he was feeling, and he said “ I just kept saying, he’s not really gone”.  When we talk about Tyler, We say “ what will you miss the most about Tyler” his one response is “TYLER”!  Y’all should be so very proud. You raised a son that EVERYONE adored!

We are attaching some pictures! The first game the boys played last Saturday was a beautiful day. The sky was unbelievable! We needed no captain on Instagram, just #TeamTyler. The first inning of our game, we had no first base coach, instead, 6 red roses, in memory of our Coach Tyler. Hopefully every boy could feel Tyler’s presence. We know for sure he was there cheering on his boys!

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