One of the many “Tyler Gifts”…

In sixteen short years, Tyler’s kindness and fun-loving spirit have made an incredible impact on our community and beyond. He has left many “gifts”, but his mama and I treasure the text he sent her just before the accident. It has helped carry us through this and we want to share in hopes that it helps carry you, too.

Fwd: Hey mom just wanna give you an update. I’m really having a great time here and Schuyler’s grandparents love me and think I’m a really nice, laid back, and responsible kid (props to you?) me and Schuyler saw a shark swim next to us yesterday which was awesome yet extremely scary. It’s literally like you wake up at grandmas house here cause everybody’s up and breakfast is cooking and everyone sits together like us and just eats and has really cool conversations. Schuyler’s mom made this dip that is literally heaven and I’m getting the recipe so we can have it( it’s heaven dip) the beaches are saltier than Peter chens soup but that’s ok cause they have the best waves to body surf in. I haven’t found any seaglass yet but I’ll find some eventually for ya. I have been super good at brushing my teeth(surprisingly) and have been showering like once a day. I love you and want you to know that I’m safe and are having a blast!

5 thoughts on “One of the many “Tyler Gifts”…

  1. Shirley M. Wimmer ( 804 ) 901 - 7748 - November 30, -0001

    It was such an honor to know Tyler. .My granddaughter was friends him , and called and ask me if I could pick up her and some of her friends , so they wouldn’t have to go to school early on the bus and sit around, half the day waiting to take their exam. I picked her and her three friends up and my granddaughter wanted all of them to come back to my house for remaining time left, before leaving for their exam. As I sat in my living room talking to all the young people sitting there, Tyler stood out among them . Talking about school, and sports, and TLL. It was such a pleasure talking to him. I then dropped all the kids off at school for their exam. I had two grandchildren playing different times at TLL and I would always see and run into Tyler, and sometimes go out of my way to speak to this young man. Giving up so much of his time helping other kids. I have grandsons his age that I do a lot with and he reminded me so much of them. But he was just like an angel talking when ever he spoke, I saw him and his mom and I think his sister come in BJ “s a few months ago. And I make a special trip across the warehouse to say hi to him and his Mom, and to tell her how special he was. My granddaughter said when ever she got upset over her boyfriend at school , he would always comfort her. I was so sad to hear the news. He was truly a sweet and compassionate, and giving young man to all that knew him. He touched so many lives . My heart and prayers go out to his family . I am so sorry for your loss. May God Bless You All.

  2. juanita flener hamlin - November 30, -0001

    right now, in heaven, he not only can have real heaven dip but he is safe and having a blast

  3. Debbie Powers - November 30, -0001

    From what I read, Tyler had such a loving family surrounding him in his last days. Props up to Tyler’s parents, who I don’t know AND the Reddell and Sewell family who I do. Love all of you during this grieving period for all. XOXO. Praying for your strength and guidance from God. He loves us all.

  4. Rita Crook - November 30, -0001

    So beautiful! A real treasure for sure. What love & devotion to all the good value s you have given to Tyler. He is an amazing Angel in Heaven. He is your Angel.

  5. The Levy Family - November 30, -0001

    That was beautiful in so many ways. Thank you for sharing this deeply personal keepsake with us. What a fine young man Tyler was. You’ve been in our thoughts and prayers.

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