Monday, September 14th (from Natalie)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For all of the love and prayers and texts and hugs and flowers and cupcakes and emails… Thank you.

Michelle, Trey and Emily returned home last night. Pray for them. Arrangements are being made for a service to celebrate Tyler’s Life. I will post the details here as soon as they are available. Please give them time. Right now they need Peace.

Hugs and Love to each of you. We will get through this together. #GodisGoodAlloftheTime #TeamTyler

11 thoughts on “Monday, September 14th (from Natalie)

  1. By Ashok and family - November 30, -0001

    Hearing about Tyler’s tragedy by my son yesterday was gut wrenching, We knew Tyler at TLL ,seen himhelping around during most of the tryouts and on fields playing, umpiring and coaching. Losing Tyler at thisyoung age brings tears and hurts. I wish your family to overcome this tragedy soon as fast and his memories shall live in our hearts who had chance to know him and his smile for ever. We are going to miss him !

  2. The Gray Family - November 30, -0001

    Dear Wentz Family-
    We are members of RRPC and have been praying for Tyler and you all since the accident. We never had the privilege of meeting Tyler, but he sounds like he was one amazing young man. Our hearts are heavy and we are so sorry for your loss. We will continue to pray for your strength, wisdom, and courage as you face this new journey.
    With Love,
    The Gray Family

  3. Alex trujillo - November 30, -0001

    Its such a sad tragedy to hear what has happened. Tyler was one of a kind and he will not be forgotten, he made a impact in everyones life. I remember in 6th grade i moved there and started playing softball. His dad was my coach, and he use to come out all the time!! He was always smiling even the day i beat him in a contest to see who had the strongest throw. I will never forget his sisters face when it totally back fired and didnt go near me and hit her.. The whole rest of the middle school he was always there for me. We might not have been super best friends but i knew i could count on him and i was always there if he needed anything. Honestly i know he is in a better place watching over all of us and that we will all see him again one day. I just have this feelingg that hes up there throwing and practicing baseball so when i see him we will have our rematch. He was always smiling and goofying around, his goal was to make everyone laugh. But God does everything for a reason. If you guys need anything please don’t hesitate asking we are all here to help. Sending love and prayers from florida????

  4. Teresa Austin - November 30, -0001

    Dear Wentz family- we haven’t met, but as a sister in Christ and a friend of a friend, I reported for duty as a prayer warrior as soon as the call went out after the accident. My heart breaks for you now that your precious boy has gone home, but I remain convinced that the love of God is stronger than the pain of death, and His gentle Spirit will abide with you in your grief. With sincere condolences,

  5. Sean McCracken - November 30, -0001

    I just met Tyler this Spring playing baseball with him at Tuckahoe Little League but in that short time he made a lasting impression on me. Every time that I saw Tyler he was either smiling, laughing, or making someone else laugh. It didn’t matter how Tyler was performing on the field, whether he was 2/2 with a double or hitless that night he kept a positive attitude and stayed determined. Tyler always put other people before himself too. I had my fair share of bad games and Tyler was always the first one to reassure me. Tyler was the kindest, happiest, and funniest person that I knew and I think that everyone should strive to be a little more like him everyday. I’ll miss seeing him around Tuckahoe.
    Lots of love,
    Sean McCracken

  6. Yolanda Bumarch - November 30, -0001

    Just had someone ask me about my white attire after Labor Day. I told them it was a request from my daughterin-law’s nephew’s family to honor Tyler as God’s brightest angel. The reply was what a wonderful way to honor him. And so he is honored and mourned today.

  7. Jen Mayers - November 30, -0001

    Trey, Michelle, and Emily – you are in my thoughts and I love you all so much. I feel so heart broken for you and our entire family.

  8. Sherlon Ligon-Ayala - November 30, -0001

    My prayers and condolences are with the Wentz Family. Love and Hugs from The Ligon-Ayala Family (Brandon Ligon JV Eagle)

  9. Debbie Powers - November 30, -0001

    Many hugs and peace to this grieving family. Please join hands in prayer to celebrate this special young man’s life here on earth and in heaven. Give the Wentz’ the strength and fortitude to bear this sadness in ther loss of a much loved son, brother and warrior. May God’s grace and power of healing come swiftly to empower themrnwith Christ’s love and comfort.

  10. Beverly McGhee - November 30, -0001

    My prayers surround Tyler’s family . May God ‘s peace and comfort be with each of them in the days to come. From what I am told Tyler was a special young man. In Christ

  11. Sherry Lloyd - November 30, -0001

    Prayers to your family. Your son seemed to be an amazing young man and my heart breaks for your sadness. God please wrap your arms around this family and guide them through these trying times facing them b/c it’s only through your love and grace that they will be able to face what’s before them.

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