Angels in the Outfield for Tyler! (From Natalie)

What a day! Trey, Michelle and Emily continue to amaze me with their strength, love and grace. Today was tough, but wonderful, as we planned Tyler’s Celebration of Life. I will post more specific details tomorrow, but please join us this Saturday at Tuckahoe Little League field #9 to honor Tyler and have fellowship with each other. Bring your own chairs or blankets and show your #TeamTyler Spirit by wearing something patriotic. Little League Uniforms encouraged. Baseball caps backwards for luck in true Tyler-Style!

11 thoughts on “Angels in the Outfield for Tyler! (From Natalie)

  1. Johnni Weingart - November 30, -0001

    Praying for the prayer vigil at Godwin tonight as all of Tyler’s friends , classmates, teachers are reflecting on Tyler’s life and how he touched them …and how he will always be imprinted on their hearts….and then thinking about the words to this song by Michael W. Smith,Kyle Lee, Michael Farren,called WELCOME HOME “I can’t believe that I am here having to say goodbye // and I can barely see you through these tears I cry// I close my eyes// I CAN HEAR THE SOUND// AS ANGELS GATHER ROUND// SAYING THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG// WELCOME HOME// there are the days my heart aches wishing you were here// But I know where you are the hurt and the pain disappear// There’s no more tears// WHAT A LOVELY SOUND// ANGELS ALL AROUND// SAYING THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG// WElCOME HOME// WELCOME HOME //WELCOME HOME His grace & peace to all of Tyler’s family & friends

  2. Catherine, DT, Darren and Darrick Badley - November 30, -0001

    Michelle, we are so truly sorry to hear about Tyler. I had been getting the updates through my kids and Emily and Sarah. I tried calling you Sunday because I was praying for Tyler and asked God for a miracle but please remember that God has the final say my dearest sister. If he wanted to wake him up, one call from him could have done that. Sunday was a day of grieving for my family because I lost my brother that same morning and then I heard about the decision that had to be made concerning Tyler and I went into warfare and was praying for him but God’s will was done. He is our Comforter my sister and I just want to say that to you and your family. These are our babies and my heart is so full. I pray God’s comfort and strength on you and your entire family. You all stay strong and know that God is in total control.rnNatalie, from the moment I heard this, we had been praying for all the families especially Schuyler. God is in control and can comfort.

  3. Natalie Reddell - November 30, -0001

    Gates open for event at 6 for the Saturday service at 7. Come Celebrate with us!

  4. Alec White - November 30, -0001

    My heart goes out to you and your family during this tough time. We are all thinking of you! My thoughts are with you all during this tough time.

  5. Natalie Reddell - November 30, -0001

    I will post time tomorrow. Still finalizing a few details. Hugs and love and thank you to all.

  6. Daniel Caffrey - November 30, -0001

    Tyler was a great kid and will be missed. I coached a Juniors Team at Tuckahoe, my son Connor’s team, and Tyler was always ready to step in and play when we needed a player. He loved playing baseball and being with his buddies. It was always great to have him around. He loved life. My heart and prayers go out to the family.

  7. Caroline Estrada - November 30, -0001

    What time Natalie?

  8. Anne Marie Glasscock - November 30, -0001

    Sounds perfect! What time?

  9. The Tyler family - November 30, -0001

    What a perfect way to celebrate Tyler!! We will be there with our Tuckahoe finest…

  10. Beverly McGhee - November 30, -0001

    Thanks for your post- love you Natalie Time on Sat? Love to Trey, Michelle & Emily. God will take care of you

  11. Nicole Elliott - November 30, -0001

    Natalie–thank you for posting–is there a time to meet on Saturday?

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