From Natalie Reddell on behalf of Michelle (WITH CRAZY AMOUNTS OF LOVE!)

It’s Natalie Reddell (Schuyler’s mama), again. Whew! What a day. I am posting on Michelle’s behalf because she is in the ring swinging punches with her baby boy, Tyler. They are two of the most amazing fighters I have ever had the Amazing Grace of knowing. (Cue the theme from “Rocky”) Michelle and Trey and Emily and Tyler need our prayers BIG TIME! Tyler and the doctors are working so hard to get things right with his lungs and liver. They have made some miraculous progress today, but aren’t out of the woods, yet. Please, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Kneel down on the floor, bow your head, shout, sing, WHATEVER! God does not care, just give it all you got for #TeamTyler! Lift that precious boy up and ask God to heal him so he can be the blessing that he is to all of us around him! God is good all of the time! #TeamTyler

21 thoughts on “From Natalie Reddell on behalf of Michelle (WITH CRAZY AMOUNTS OF LOVE!)

  1. Amy Lambert - November 30, -0001

    My heart aches for your family and my prayers are with all of you. The Godwin family is a tight-knit group and we are all holding you close in our hearts. May God’s love carry you through this most difficult time.

  2. Thomas, Andrea and William Abbott - November 30, -0001

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Wentz Family. May God Bless!

  3. leigh hamilton - December 15, 0009

    Prayers will continue Michelle,Trey and dear family. What a wonderful family and your faith and strength is awesome!

  4. Chris Brown - December 15, 0009

    God bless this family

  5. Anna Ritchie - December 15, 0009


  6. Rob Phillips - December 15, 0009

    Thought about Tyler alot today and what great kid he is. Praying for him so he can be healed and begin his way back to good health. Love to all.

  7. Love, Sabrina, Skip, and Andrew Dillon - December 15, 0009

    Prayers for peace, comfort, and healing. Much love to the Wentz family!

  8. Charlotte Spence - December 15, 0009

    You might not know me, but I’m a student at Godwin (same grade as Tyler). Your strength is inspiring. Yall are in my prayers and praying for God’s healing. Keep fighting, Tyler!

  9. Melissa Ellyson - December 15, 0009


  10. Elizabeth Armbruster - December 15, 0009

    The Eagle Family is praying for you, Tyler!!!

  11. Jennifer Adams - December 15, 0009

    Praying now….for you all, but especially God’s healing for Tyler.

  12. Karen Harden - December 15, 0009

    I’ve been praying and sending out messages for more prayers to be sent your way. Praying for God to heal thisprecious boy and give him strength to keep fighting. Praying also for all of Tyler’s family.

  13. Caroline Estrada - December 15, 0009

    Done xoxo

  14. The Deegan Family - December 15, 0009


  15. Beverly McGhee - December 15, 0009

    My heart is full of love and prayers for Tyler and his wonderful family. May God hear all the prayers lifted up to him for the healing of his lungs and liver. God bless You and keep each of you in his loving arms

  16. Tracy, Danny, Parker and Sydney Mason - December 15, 0009

    As soon as I read this I prayed and asked friends and family to pray… will continue to pray daily, hourly…whatever it takes!

  17. Jim Roesner - December 15, 0009

    We’ve called in all prayers for the Wentz family. Keep fighting Tyler!!!!

  18. Rita Crook - December 15, 0009

    Praying with all I have. God loves you all.

  19. Rita Crook - December 15, 0009

    Go Team Tyler! God loves you. Stay strong!

  20. Juanita Flener Hamlin - December 15, 0009

    going to my bedroom to kneel and pray again, right now, thank you for this update, keep coming back folks onmy facebook wall want to know

  21. Nicole Pontorno (Nick's mom) - December 15, 0009

    Done. Thoughts and prayers are with Tyler and his family.rn#teamtyler

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