Thursday, September 10th

I wish I could write a cute story like Michelle or that things were going well enough that she could write something inspiring. As of right now Tyler has hit another bump in the road with his lungs. They are looking into it now. They drained a bunch of fluid out earlier this evening and saw some initial progress but his stats have been declining again. I am hopeful this is just another blip and they can get it corrected quickly, but we need your thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes very much right now. Emily and I will be going back to see them after school tomorrow and I hope we can share some positive news. I want to again thank everyone for the support, prayers and offers for help. Those things are really helping us get through these very rough times. If I get a status update I will post it as soon as I can.



31 thoughts on “Thursday, September 10th

  1. Elisa Parkin - November 15, 0009

    Praying for you all every day !

  2. Juanita Flener Hamlin - November 15, 0009

    I wonder how many miracles had a slump and bump before the victory dance? Willing to bet many….many…no reason it can’t be Tyler’s miracle.

  3. Annette Harrod (family friend Kathy and Tony) - November 15, 0009

    Prayers from Va Beach keep the faith. Tyler will get through this.

  4. Carolyn and Morrie Kintner - November 15, 0009

    Dear wentz family. We think of you constantly. Been two weeks already. Hoping for daily steps forward. May try to call Judy or Bill this weekend. You sure have wonderful people on your team..Love Uncle Morrie and Aunt Carolyn

  5. Rita Hudgins - November 15, 0009


  6. susan barnes - November 15, 0009

    Prayers going out to Tyler and his team. You all are in my thoughts and prayers everyday and you are all surrounded by so much love, support and positive thoughts from so many. God will hear all of us I am sure.

  7. Carrie Ludovico. - November 15, 0009

    Tell Tyler that David prayed for him the other day at dinner: “Dear God, help Tyler get well so he can get back to coaching soon.” We are all upholding you with prayers during this time.

  8. Gayle, Jim, Liam & Lily McAllister - November 15, 0009

    Sending love and prayers to you all.

  9. Diane Robusto - November 15, 0009

    Prayers are coming from your Beach Manor family.

  10. Tracy, Danny, Parker and Sydney Mason - November 15, 0009

    We continue to pray for all of you. Keeping you in our thoughts daily.

  11. Kathryn Reddell - November 15, 0009

    Praying every day.

  12. Kim Wentz - November 15, 0009

    We are praying for every single one of you this morning. Love you all.

  13. Rita Crook - November 15, 0009

    God is listening and with you all right now. He loves you and is there for you. Tyler and all of you are in our hearts and prayers. Praying!

  14. Beverly McGhee - November 15, 0009

    My prayers are with you, may the lungs heal quickly

  15. Mary O Lancaster - November 15, 0009

    We are praying!

  16. Yolanda Bumarch - November 15, 0009

    The prayers are still coming your way from PA, NJ and VA. it’s just a slight stumble by the tortoise. Tyler willwin this one.

  17. Johnni Weingart - November 15, 0009

    Thanks for the report , we are praying & hoping for a good report soon. May the God of HOPE fill you with all joy & peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit…Romans15:13 Sending out additional prayer requests for healing of Tyler’s lungs. Prayers of hope &!healing, Johnni

  18. Natalie Reddell - November 15, 0009

    Love each of you to pieces. Praying…

  19. Peggy Berkeley - November 15, 0009

    We got your back Trey. Anything you need, just ask. Otherwise, we’re all praying like crazy.

  20. Karen Harden - November 15, 0009

    Ohh, my heart goes out to all of you. I have prayers of healing for Tyler every day for a full recovery. I will keep good thoughts and healing prayers coming Tyler’s way. Love to you all!!

  21. Caroline Estrada - November 15, 0009

    Prayers for Tyler offers up this morning. Sending hugs to you guys and Emily as she finishes her first week of school as a high schooler.

  22. Godwin Class of 2017 - December 15, 0009

    Hello Wentz Family, the class of 2017 would like to help support your family in this tough time. We plan on making pink wristbands with black writing that says “#TeamTyler” and are considering t-shirts as well, but we would like approval of the family. We do not want to over step our bounds so let us know what we can do.

  23. Kimberly - December 15, 0009

    I have a friend on fb that has posted this prayer from the beginning and my family and I have been praying for Tyler and your family. You are not alone we are praying with you. May God be with all of you. Prayers from Chesapeake va

  24. Natalie Reddell - December 15, 0009

    Wish I could hug each of you! Praying…

  25. Lauren Lemelin - December 15, 0009

    praying immensely for yall today. keep fighting tyler!

  26. Carter Lloyd and Alyssa Carlson - December 15, 0009

    Hang in there Tyler everyone at Godwin is praying for you, and want you back at school. Get better man

  27. Gayle, Jim, Liam & Lily McAllister - December 15, 0009

    Stay strong Tyler! Praying for strength and healing for you all!

  28. Natalie Reddell - December 15, 0009

    Sending tons of prayers and hugs! We love y’all so much!
    Jon, Natalie and Schuyler

  29. Jenny Goodier and Kyle - December 15, 0009

    Praying for all of you. Hang in there Tyler!

  30. Matt and Robin (friends of Aunt Catherine) - December 15, 0009

    Sending prayers that Tyler’s lungs heal.

  31. Johnni Weingart - December 15, 0009

    I believe all things are possible with God and I expect ‘unexpected good things ‘ to happen today! Matthew 9:26 Praying with expectations! Johnni

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