Sunday September 6

Another short post. I am going to try and get some sleep tonight, I was reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Tyler earlier and I kept nodding off. It reminded me of when he was a toddler and we would read a book together and I would fall asleep and wake up to him in the living room sharing a box of cheez-its with the dogs. Kiss dinner and a decent bedtime goodbye that night.

We are staying the course today and not a whole lot to report other than his lungs continuing to improve. He did open his eyes, but they immediately sedated him. We are keeping things slow and steady.

Told ya I was keeping it short.

Keep those thoughts, prayers and good vibes coming,


Team Tyler

9 thoughts on “Sunday September 6

  1. Nicole Elliott - June 15, 0009

    Glad to hear his lungs are improving. Slow & steady!

  2. Pam Price - June 15, 0009

    I am Natalie’s aunt in South Carolina. Just wanted you to know that my prayer team is lifting you, Trent, and Tyler up in prayer daily. I know it’s slow but so glad to continually hear about Tyler’s upward climb.

  3. Natalie Reddell - June 15, 0009

    Hugs! Miss you. Love that book! Glad you’re tired and hope that means a good night’s sleep.

  4. Beverly McGhee - July 15, 0009

    God is with Tyler and each of you. May he continue to Heal, lungs body and mind

  5. Johnni Weingart - July 15, 0009

    Scripture for the day….Be still and know that I am God! Psalm46:10 Being quiet before The Lord is POWERFUL…..& it will give you His rest, His peace & His strength … praying for a quiet week for you , knowing that God does not rest or sleep & He is knitting Tyler back to perfect for you! Trey told us how wonderful & kind all the doctors & nurses & staff are towards you. That is a wonderful blessing. Keep yourself hydrated, try & eat healthy, & walk the halls or parking lot a bit … helps
    Know lots of prayers going up!

  6. Mary O Lancaster - July 15, 0009

    Thank you for your frequent posts. As we pray we are happy to offer praise for those steps forward in his healing !

  7. Gaye Zeb - July 15, 0009

    Thank you for your wonderful posts on Tyler. We wait for word from his Team and it is encouraging and you are putting them out there faithfully for us in the midst of you hectic and angst moments. God is good. Thank you, Thank you!

  8. Johnni Weingart - August 15, 0009

    Devote yourself to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart….Colossians 4:2…… thankful for Tyler’s progress….slow & steady wins the race! Thanking him too for this Awesome hospital & kind staff & all the love & support all of the Wentz’s are receiving. Continuing to pray & look forward to Good reports!

  9. Johnni Weingart - September 15, 0009

    Now all glory to God ,who is able through his mighty power at work WITHiN US, to accomplish INFINITELY more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20….had never seen the “within us ” part before….so thanking God that He is working WITHIN Tyler healing his lungs and everything else that needs to come together for his total healing…..God is able!
    Love & lots of prayers!

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