Thursday September 3. One Week

Today is our one week mark since Tyler’s accident. It seems like just yesterday sometimes, and other times it feels like a lifetime. This morning when we went to see Tyler the doctor came up and said that the nurses had something to show us. He didn’t look worried or concerned so I wasn’t overly panicked but I ddn’t know what to expect. New sheets, new dressings, machine settings? Once we got to his bed, Ronnie, one of his nurses for last night said “Tyler, open your eyes” and he immediately opened his eyes! I cannot tell you what an overwhelming feeling of joy that was. There he was. My baby!

Trey and I told him how much we loved him, that we were right there with him, how incredibly proud we were, and that he was safe and being well taken care of. Did I mention he also tried to talk to both Trey and I? Ronnie said that earlier she asked him to squeeze her hand and he did. She then asked him to squeeze harder and he also did that. Also, wiggled his toes when she asked him. It is a little victory not only for Tyler, and our family, but for the doctors, nurses, and everyone who prayed for him and sent good thoughts. I hope eveyone takes a little joy in his progress.

I want to always talk to him, read him books, hold his hand……anything to make him feel like he is safe and not alone. But sometimes that makes his vitals go up and we need to take a break. The happy medium is to let him know you are there, but keep him calm. The calmer he is, the more his vitals stay steady and we can keep making progress. It may be a while before he is off of the machines and we still have a long, long road ahead but he is here! He is here!!

Thumbs Up! (hopefully coming soon)

Continue those thoughts and prayers and good vibes. You can see them working.

Slow and steady wins the race


Team Tyler

25 thoughts on “Thursday September 3. One Week

  1. Jackson Kavanagh - March 15, 0009

    Great news, Trey, Michelle & Emily. We will keep sending positive thoughts and prayers not only for Tyler buy for all of you as well.

  2. Cindy Buckels - March 15, 0009

    So great to hear good news. Give him my love.

  3. April Sayler - March 15, 0009

    so exciting!

  4. Melinda Collier - March 15, 0009

    Way to go Tyler! We are all thinking of you & will continue to keep those prayers coming. Everyone is speaking & God is hearing it loud & clear!

  5. Mary O Lancaster - March 15, 0009

    Thanks be to God?

  6. Caroline Estrada - March 15, 0009

    Best news ever!!!!!

  7. Scott Berger - March 15, 0009

    Awesome, awesome news! Made my day. Thank you.

  8. Auntie - March 15, 0009

    Such good news. The prayers of many are being answered. Love you Michelle and wish I could be there with you.

  9. Yolanda Bumarch - March 15, 0009

    Wow what great news and progress. Keeping the prayers coming until you are all back in VA.

  10. Susan Norris - March 15, 0009

    Such wonderful news. Michelle, you are a beautiful person. I remember the old days before the two legged kids were born and the four-legged ones were always eating something….remotes, Trey’s clothes and removing the door knobs. I can still hear you laughing and see your smile. Continued prayers for Tyler and your family. God will give you the strength to travel through. Stay strong, keep smiling and look up.

  11. Missy Tinch - March 15, 0009

    Wonderful news about him responding, very excited for his progress. Michelle you are a great writer and knowwe are all praying for ya’ll. I will see you Friday morning

  12. Heather Szoch - March 15, 0009

    GREAT news! GO TYLER!!

  13. Donna Tyler - March 15, 0009

    That is awesome!! It gave me great joy hearing of his progress, I can only imagine your joy:)) Continued prayers and positive vibes coming your way… and when you get back in town and things settle down we are taking a field trip to Ulta (you know they have purple mascara too, right:)

  14. Brian Hess - March 15, 0009

    T Wentz
    T Wentz
    T Wentz
    We are all cheering for you bud. This is awesome news Michelle. Keep it comin.

  15. Aunt Cathy - March 15, 0009

    GREAT NEWS to start our day!

  16. Pendle and Whisnant - March 15, 0009

    Such a heartwarming and encouraging post! We have been following along but finally took the time to sign in. PS I can relate to your caring bridge posts disappearing. I finally decided to type and edit them elsewhere (even in email) and the cut and paste them. Sounds like he has such a loving medical team! Your positive spirit is impressive … even if you are laughing through tears. God bless.

  17. Nicole Elliott - March 15, 0009

    We all share in your tears of Joy! This is such a big step forward on his road to recovery!

  18. Natalie Reddell - March 15, 0009

    Eeeeeeeeeeee! I just cried off my purple eyeliner! Worth it. #TeamTyler #GodisGood #LYLAS

  19. Connie - March 15, 0009

    Amazing and joyous news!!! Way to go Tyler! Continuing to send thoughts and prayers!

  20. Mary Baltimore - March 15, 0009

    Such good news! We continue to pray for Tyler and your family.

  21. Johnni Weingart - March 15, 0009

    Answered prayer ! Awesome!

  22. Crystal Aiken - March 15, 0009

    This is such an answer to prayer! The Aiken family has been praying for Tyler daily at our table and then many times throughout my day because he pops into my mind so frequently. I always take that as a sign to pray! God bless you, Trey, and Emily. I know your TLL family has been bombarding the man upstairs! With much love! PS…Emerson said she still thinks Tyler is the best umpire at TLL!

  23. Karen Harden - March 15, 0009

    Oh, this is wonderful news!! I’m so happy for you all. Continued prayers for Tyler’s full recovery. ????????

  24. john mcintyre - March 15, 0009

    Fantastic and encouraging news!! So glad to hear he continues to head in the right direction. Our thoughts and prayers continue for Tyler and the whole Wentz family.

  25. Kristen Friedman Anglin - March 15, 0009

    Yay! That is amazing!!!!!

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