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And then this happened…………….

WE GOT THE THUMBS UP!!!!!! Can you believe it? WE GOT THE THUMBS UP!!!!! Ok, now that that most awesomeness news is out I can back track. Wait. WOO HOO, I love thumbs!!!! Thumbs are so great! Aren’t thumbs great?

Tyler woke up on his own and was calm, which is very good. Calm is good. He started moving his mouth again like he was trying to talk and Trey told him that he was ok, safe, and in the hospital, and that we were both there. Larry, the ECMO coordinator (I think that’s what his job title is. I just call him Larry. But hey, don’t trust me. I just found out today that what I thought were g
ray battery packs hanging from the poles was actually his Fentanyl. I was all, “Dang, those battery pacts hold cruddy charges. They must have a huge battery charger at the nurses station.” Ding Dong!! In my defense, they are gray boxes and only today did I notice they said Fentanyl on them” We will chalk that one up to stress.) So back to the story. Larry said, “Tyler, squeeze my hand” and he did. Then Larry said “Tyler, give us the thumbs up” and through all the medication haze and the swollen fingers, those arms rotated and those thumbs clearly rotated up! It was incredible. Just incredible.

And then they knocked him out again. It was like “thanks for joining the party… bye”. Just kidding, they really only want those short moments so they can gage where he is neurologically. But it was a great sign, and a wonderful pick me up for his team and I imagine for everyone following his progress. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Better yet, give yourself the thumbs up!

I was walking down the hall talking to my mom telling her the good news and I saw the most gorgeous and beautiful Golden Retriever. If you know me I am a huge animal lover. I might get arrested for stealing puppies one day, seriously. But anyway, I had to stop and pet this dog (who must have better shampoo than me) I am talking to my mom and she is crying because by that time I had gotten to the “Thumbs Up” part of the story. She is crying and I wanted to cry becaue I was so happy beacuse of the Thumbs Up! but this dog was SO pretty so I had to say: “Mom, hang on. I have to pet this dog”. Standing next to the dog (with the better hair than me) was one of the Chaplins at the hospital. She looked down at me (cause I was petting the dog) and asked how

Tyler was. I said, “We got the Thumbs Up!” She starts crying, my mom is crying, and I am crying and trying to hold onto my cell phone, hug the Chaplin and pet the dog; It was a little wack-a-doodle . A wonderful chaotic wack-a-doodle mess. . .

So right now Tyler’s respirator machine is down to 40 so that means they an start adjusting the ECMO. And of course those numbers may need tweeking as each blood test is drawn. We are far far far from being out of the woods, but clearly we are on the right road.

Keep those prayers, good thoughts, and vibes a comin’

Thumbs up! to you all


Team Tyler

28 thoughts on “And then this happened…………….

  1. Donna Tyler - March 15, 0009

    I LOVE THUMBS!! They are great??

  2. Nicole Elliott - March 15, 0009

    I have chills I am so excited for this news!!!!

  3. Suzy Fowler - March 15, 0009

    This is incredibly wonderful news!!! I cared for Tyler when he was first brought into the Emergency room, he has been on my heart and in my prayers since then…thumbs up…two of the best words ever…?

  4. Yolanda Bumarch - March 15, 0009

    Great news. Michelle. Thumbs up, Tyler. Keep up the progress. You’re a very funny lady Michelle. I’m sure it helps at times like this. Your son had made amazing progress in a week. God works his miracles and will keep Tyler safe. Hang in there. Yolanda

  5. Karen Swanson - March 15, 0009

    Praise to the God who hears and answers prayers!

  6. Connie - March 15, 0009


  7. Johnni Weingart - March 15, 0009

    Wonderful wonderful thumbs up report!!!!!!!!

  8. Kristen Friedman Anglin - March 15, 0009

    Wooooo hooooooo! Way to go Tyler 🙂 Keep up the progress!!!!!!!

  9. Pete Close - April 15, 0009

    Awesome to hear…??????

  10. Robin Ruth Jager - April 15, 0009

    You have so many praying for your brave son Tyler & your family! I’m a friend of Nicole Elliot & have 3 daughters around your children’s ages in HCPS. Following your inspirational posts & praying daily through my tears! Thumbs up! ??

  11. William Asbill - April 15, 0009

    So glad to hear this great news!

  12. Meleah Mitchell - April 15, 0009

    So glad to hear this fantastic news! I am a friend of Natalie’s and have been thinking about you all. Your sweet son is being lifted up in prayer!

  13. Natalie Reddell - April 15, 0009

    Woo hoo! Such a Blessing! God is good. Hugs and miss you. #TeamTyler

  14. Karen Held Lynn - April 15, 0009

    This is awesome news. I’ll be sure to tell his friends at Disco Sports?

  15. Caroline Tonra - April 15, 0009

    The Tonra family from Norfolk joins the rest of you in rejoicing in Tyler’s awesome progress. Thumbs way, way up! We continue to pray and cheer. Like all good Red Sox fans, we believe!!!!

  16. Carolyn and Morrie Kintner - April 15, 0009

    Hi. hope your night was restful. So hard to get good sleep with all that’s on your mind. And the thumbs up! AWSOME. Prayers. Prayers..We will keep them coming. Tryler is a strong kid. Love Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Morrie

  17. Ann Steilberg - April 15, 0009

    Hi. I am a friend of Natalie’s and I have a rising senior at Godwin. I have been following your journals everyday and reporting back to my son, Jackson. I just want you to know that we are praying for Team Tyler and keeping you all in our thoughts!

  18. Valerie Stern - April 15, 0009

    This is such happy news!!! What a wonderful way to start the day! We have never met but I’m sure our paths have crossed at the ball field, grocery store, school, etc. 🙂 My son, Keagan, is a friend of Tyler’s through school and baseball. We’ve been following your journal and thinking and praying for each one of you daily. Will continue sending prayers up and positive vibes your way! Tyler is one strong kid and God is good!

  19. Kathryn Reddell - April 15, 0009

    So happy to read this post! We will continue praying.

  20. Joanne Cottrell - April 15, 0009

    Best news ever!!

  21. Mary O Lancaster - April 15, 0009

    Praising The Lord for His healing and His grace ! Continuing to pray.

  22. Johnni Weingart - April 15, 0009

    Rejoicing in God’s goodness & grace today! Praising Him for “thumbs up” Rejoice in The Lord always, again I say rejoice! Phillippians 4:4 Keeping all in prayer -Johnni

  23. Chris Brown - April 15, 0009

    Great news !!!! ?prayers continue

  24. Lori Gray - April 15, 0009

    Such encouraging and Awesome news! Multiple thumbs up! Continuing to send thoughts and prayers your way….

  25. Stephanie Hazelwood - April 15, 0009

    Thumbs up !!! Now Im crying and petting my dog. By the way since your mom is there this weekend, tell her purple eyeliner is on my Walmart shopping list ????????

  26. April Sayler - April 15, 0009

    yay for wack-a-doodle! ya for thumbs!

  27. Juanita Flener Hamlin - April 15, 0009

    now we are all crying……with JOY

  28. Diana Fuzzy-wuzzle - April 15, 0009

    Such happy news!!!! Thumbs up like a hitchhiker headed to another galaxy!!!!

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