Wednesday September 2nd part 2

Just a quick little update. We are still in the “Less Puffy! More Pee!” loop but they are taking out more than he is getting in so hopefully we should be getting the upper hand here pretty quick. Just takes some time. They did some cultures from his throat, mouth, lung, Bermuda.:) somewhere. And something unsavory is starting to grow. They have started some good general antibiotics to get a jump on that. Once the growth in the lab is complete they can tailor the antibiotic.

Oh, and I forgot, they did start feeding him Nutragen 2.0 (and yes, the bag does say 2.0. which makes you wonder why it needed the upgrade) and protein powder 6 times a day. I am happy to report that he is tolerating that yummy delishishness very well. Probably because it reminds him of Trey’s cooking. (just kidding

Trey… make a mean pot of boiling water) Seriously, your a good cook and I can’t wait till we ALL get home and you can make us dinner. How about that chicken and cream cheese enchilada recipe? Trey makes one dish of it for us girls with no onions and tomatoes and another with everything for he and Tyler. Delish!

I just saw Kermit the Frog’s new “girlfriend”. Was he on Ashley Madison or something? Miss. Piggy should not be cast aside! She would totally understand Purple Eyeliner and puffiness, ya dig? Kermit is SOO on my bad frog list.

Keep those good thoughts, positive vibes, and prayers coming. They ARE working.

Thumbs Up! (easier when you aren’t so puffy)


Team Tyler and Team Miss. Piggy (Cause we root for the under pig. That’s how we all roll)

3 thoughts on “Wednesday September 2nd part 2

  1. Johnni Weingart - March 15, 0009

    The scripture of the day ……the strong spirit of a man sustains him in bodily pain or trouble from proverbs 18:14. Woke up praying for Tyler but thinking how hard it must be for Michelle & Trey to be residents at the hospital…..(knowing you would not want to be anywhere else right now ).., So keep strong in the spirit , knowing God has a plan for good and many many people are praying for Tyler’s complete recovery and for your family’s continued strength and belief in God’s miracles ! Love & prayers

  2. Juanita Flener Hamlin - March 15, 0009

    never never never never giving up…sure sounds like he has beaten the bigger hurdles and just the fact he is still here is everything…..when so many didn’t make it from such in the beginning….he did. Thank you Lord. He has to know how loved he is no matter how much he sleeps in a fog…you guys are surrounding him with it. It shows. What a story he will tell later on, huh? Puts all things on a leveler. Stock markets dip….. who really cares? You just want your son to be a walking talking miracle. I get it. xo

  3. Natalie Reddell - March 15, 0009

    It’s too bad about Kermit. I expected more outta him. He did, however, try to warn us about “the lover, the dreamer and me”. I guess Miss Piggy is the dreamer. Bless her heart.and purple eyeliner. Love you.

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