Wednesday September 2

I have to write the day because the days are starting to blur together. Through the course of the night they were able to bring the dialysis machine up to 140 which we were very happy with. I guess I can sum it up quickly this way: he had to get a lot of fluid due to his condition and the combination of all those fluids and medications start forming crystals and clog his kidney plumbing. After a quick team huddle, the doctors were confident with his vitals and they have decided to bring that machine up to 200 and we can start moving the excess fluid off faster. So that means, less puffy, more pee. I wonder if I can find a “Less Puffy! More Pee!” tshirt in the hospital gift shop?

So the number on the respirator is down to 50 which is great. When it gets to 40 they can start backing off of the ECMO machine. However, those numbers are a bit of a roller coaster. So hang with us. We are looking at the bigger overall picture. And my reference to Alex Rose in the last post is interesting. Very little people know that Alex Rose is indeed Axel Rose’s little brother and that he is the one who wrote the song “Patience”. There was a huge falling out between the two. Rumor is it had something to do with not rinsing Spaghetti O’s out before putting the dirty bowl in the dishwasher and they never spoke again. Or it could have just been my computer auto correcting. I forget. Have you heard the story about Nick Jagger?

I will try to post later tonight. But until then, Less Puffy! More Pee!

Thumbs Up!


Team Tyler

12 thoughts on “Wednesday September 2

  1. Aunt Cathy Lucas - February 15, 0009

    Michelle Arizona is sending you lots of love and prayer your way. Chris friends remember Tyler from his summer visit and want to pass love and prayer to him. We have you Trey, Tyler and Emily in our thoughts and prayers everyday.rnLove you,rnCathyrnKeep Calm and Heal Tyler

  2. The Gray Family - February 15, 0009

    I’m so sorry to hear about Tyler’s accident. Our thoughts and prayers to your family. Hoping for a speedy and full recovery.

  3. Carolyn and Morrie Kintner - February 15, 0009

    Dear Michelle and Trey. Can’t stop thinking about all of you and Tyler. What a terrible accident. You have so many people keeping you in their prayers. Try to keep some humor. Sometimes that is the only hope you have for not cracking up! Tyler is in the best place with the best group on his Tyler Team. Love Uncle Morrie and Aunt Carolyn

  4. Barbara Acuna - Michelle's aunt - February 15, 0009

    Love and prayers to you all! I added more people to the Team Tyler prayer line. 🙂

  5. Karen Wagner Swanson - February 15, 0009

    My prayers are with Tyler and all of your family. I am a friend of Bill and Judy from their graduating high school class. Please know that we care and will continue to read updates on your precious Tyler.

  6. Anna Ritchie - February 15, 0009

    Lots of prayers and thought your way. Tyler is such a special kid.

  7. Jaylene McCracken - February 15, 0009

    That is great news. I think about you all constantly and continue to pray for continued improvement!!! God Bless !!! Michelle, I love your added humor and trivia bits. You are awesome!!!

  8. Friend Connie Norwood - February 15, 0009

    Michelle, you are great 🙂
    We also have been praying both in our family and with our church, Hope Community Church of the Naz, for healing and strength for you guys. God is good, all the time.

  9. Kathryn Reddell - February 15, 0009

    Hi Michelle, I am Natalie’s sister-in-law. I have shared Tyler’s story with our churches email prayer group, so I know that good things are going to happen! I continue to pray for healing for Tyler and for strength for your entire family.

  10. Johnni Weingart - February 15, 0009

    My earlier post went “poof” …but encouraged with your newest post Michelle! Everyday I get a new scripture to pray for Tyler…today Psalm 65:5..God answers our prayers with AWESOME DEEDS! …even those who sail on distant sea, …so praying for pee!!!!!!rnMet Trey’s folks yesterday & visited w/ them & Emily…..Randy &Annette have volunteered to cut grass…I can give rides or make meals as needed …or whatever is needed….Emily has my numbers.
    Thankful so many are praying and for the great medical care Tyler is getting, praying for your strength & energy as & prayers.

  11. Natalie Reddell - February 15, 0009

    Michelle, much to Jon and Schuyler’s dismay, T and I found a Monster Ballads-esque station on the radio for the drive to Bald Head. I don’t mean to brag, but we kinda killed it for about 100 miles and “Patience” was our best song. #LoveHimToPieces #LoveYouLikeASister #TeamTyler

  12. Heather Szoch - February 15, 0009

    We’re all praying for him and all involved. Go Tyler!!

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