September 1st aka. Taco Tuesday

Can you tell I am hungry? Remembering dollar tacos with my gal pals from my old job, seems like so long ago. I think things caught up with me this morning because I could not stop crying. I would think of Tyler and the tears would flow for a few minutes and I would try like crazy to pull myself together. Then I would walk down the hall and see a baby and start crying all over again. The lady at the cafeteria handed me my breakfast and I managed to get the “thank” part out before I started crying again! Security and the nice people in the lab coats assure me they will take take these pretty ribbons off my wrists and ankles soon. So that’s pretty exciting.

After some gentle coaxing from Trey I went back to bed for some much needed sleep. What a world of difference when I woke up! I managed to not only to put on the purple eyeliner but managed some eyeshadow AND mascara. (Lady’s you know this is a big deal). On the way back to see Tyler I passed 2 babies without incident or damage to my eye war paint, so things are looking up. I am hoping to get over this hump where he is better stabilized. Then I think I will be able to relax a bit and get on some sort of schedule and where I won’t constantly be on edge and worrying. We will get there for sure!

So, we had a little dip last night and had to bring the respirator back up to 100%. They did a chest x-ray last night and the nurse said that sometimes the smallest things will result in a little setback. Right now he is in such rough shape that what we consider minor small things are actually huge things to him. But the good news from that is his lungs continue to improve and have gotten “better” (per the doctor) since yesterday’s x-ray. Woo Hoo! And I am not sure if I stated already, but his heart doing really well. And they are working on those kidneys. So, bring on the pee! 🙂 This whole process is such a balancing act. Take care of one problem, and 2 more problems pop up due to the treatment of the first problem. Then to treat those problems, you have to look at the bigger picture and figure out how your treatment is going to affect all the other issues. It is a very intricate dance that his entire medical team has to consonantly navigate and collaborate. It really is a eye opening thing to witness, Right now he is extremely swollen and it looks so very painful 🙁 There is so much fluid he is retaining and they are working on getting it out very slowly so it is not hard on his body, plus they have to keep a certain amount of fluid for the ECMO machine. See? There’s that delicate dance. Now I now why Alex Rose sings about “Patience” “Said woman take it slow, and it’ll work itself out fine all we need is just a little patience” It has been a little more than 24 hours since they started the dialysis machine at a level of 120. Because he is stable and tolerating it well, they just bumped it up to 130. The goal is 150. Possibly higher, but definitely 150. I am also happy to report that they were able to bring his respirator down to 70 throughout the day. Remember we had to bring that back up to 100 last night. And while we were at lunch he did wake up a little and the nurse said that he was making “conscious” moves. I don’t believe that was a Sedation Vacation, but a voluntary wake up. But she had to dose him back up again so he didn’t get further agitated.

I am also happy and proud to report that Schulyer has joined the football team and is ready to kick some tail on the Gridiron. That’s a football term right? Well at any rate, GO EAGLES! Tyler is rooting for you guys! Does anyone want to take over duties of the “Wesley” head? Tyler has it in his closet and we can get it to somebody to “pass the torch”. Also I am happy to report that Emily, my wonderful and beautiful daughter made dinner for Trey’s parents and cooked bacon and chicken all by herself for the first time! I am sad to report she is addicted to Pinterest now like me. 🙂

Until next time, keep those prayers and good thoughts comming

Thumbs up! (still in the loop)


Team Tyler

11 thoughts on “September 1st aka. Taco Tuesday

  1. April Sayler - January 15, 0009

    Alex Rose? Axle’s little brother? I kid. now Patience is stuck in my head. love that song. sleep and stress exhaustion is no joke. I had the worst time sleeping the week of son’s memorial service and also had those edge of sanity breakdown cry fits. so happy you got some rest! go Tyler!

  2. Stacy Baronian - January 15, 0009

    Praying for Tyler & your entire family every day????

  3. Kymberly Pectelidis - January 15, 0009

    We are heart broken to hear the news about Tyler. We continue to keep him and your family in our prayers. Sending hugs and love! Coach Bob, Kymberly and Jimmy

  4. Nicole Elliott - January 15, 0009

    My heart aches for you. I know he will reach that turning point soon and his body will be able to heal on its own. Love and prayers still coming your way.

  5. Karen Harden - January 15, 0009

    Thinking of you all so very much and sending lots of prayers Tyler’s way.

  6. Natalie Reddell - January 15, 0009

    Love you, Sister. Miss you and wish I could hug you through the tears. So proud of you and Trey and, of course, Tyler!

  7. Johnni Weingart - February 15, 0009

    You are all in my thoughts & prayers. Everyday I have asked God to give me a scripture for ya’ll today it is Psalm 65:5….You answer our prayers with AWESOME DEEDS, even for those who sail on distance seas… many prayers that God is answering for Tyler , and we continue to trust God for complete & total healing! Visited with Emily & Trey’s parents yesterday,they are doing good…told them any help with Yard mowing..Randy & Annette have volunteered , I can do rides , meals etc. know you have a team of helpers here in Richmond.rnPrayers for your rest & strength as well! thoughts & prayers continually…….

  8. LeeAnn Young - February 15, 0009

    Michelle, you don’t know me, but I am Merritt Young’s mom (Schuyler’s “friend”). I just want you to know that so many people are praying for Tyler and your family, people that you don’t even know. I get regular text messages every morning from friends wanting to know if I or Merritt have received any updates. I get daily messages from Bible studies that are praying for him. God is with Tyler, you and your family. We will continue to pray for his steady recovery. We are a Freeman (and St Gertrude) football family, so please know that those rival schools are praying for you too!!!! Again, please keep the updates coming when you can–I know you are extremely busy though!!! We are lifting you in prayer.

  9. Sonja Wentz - February 15, 0009

    Dear Michelle, Trey, Tyler and Emily, I want you to know how much I appreciate the updates. I am about 9 hours ahead of you in Greece but each morning and evening the first thing I do is look for an update. My heart is simultaneously heavy and light as I ride the waves of your medical odyssey. What I know is that you are one amazing family and giving all you’ve got to move through this. From Tyler fighting to heal, Emily bravely holding down the home front, and you, Michelle and Trey, heaping so much love and optimism on Tyler. And all with a sense of humor to boot!! Your collective effort has to have an effect on Tyler’s health. Your sense of integrity is awesome! Much love to you all. From Tyler’s great aunt Sonja

  10. Jennifer (Roney) Gwyn - February 15, 0009

    I don’t know that we’ve ever formally met — but we know Tyler from TLL and since we go to church with the Reddells, we’ve seem him around the halls at RRPC a few times, too. You’re all in our thoughts & prayers for strength and perseverance as you face the recovery ahead! Tyler’s an awesome kid and one my boys admire!rnFor context, I have 9 & 11 year old boys (Lee & James) and have been the scorekeeper for our boys’ teams for the last 3 years. We are always so excited to see Tyler behind the plate (and this year, Emily, too) at our boys’ games. I’ve always said Tyler was the best junior ump out there — not only because he calls the game fair — but also because he interacts so well with the boys and the coaches. He encourages kids and manages those “difficult” coaches like a pro! My oldest (Lee) has said that he wants Tyler to train him when he gets old enough to be a junior ump at TLL. Sending positive thoughts — I look forward to seeing him on the field again soon!

  11. Mary O Lancaster - February 15, 0009

    I am a stranger who knows of your situation (high school friends with Jane S) and my prayer partners and I are praying for Tyler.

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