A little thanks to a few great great friends

I am going to let Michelle give the update later today, but know although we hit a few bumps in the road Tyler is still progressing well. All of you are aware of Schuyler and his amazing heroism he displayed while our son was in danger and there are also countless people out there that we continue to want to thank for their help with our journey.

We have shared stories about Tyler and his baseball passion, but this thanks goes out to the Godwin Varsity football Players who worked out with Tyler. Several of Tyler’s friends play football and encouraged him to tryout. He decided he would like to try to be a kicker/punter. Tyler began to work out and would run with them around the neighborhood and on Saturdays do a grueling workout on the field. I wanted to mention these guys as the doctors keeps telling us how it is on his side that he is young and also in very good shape. They say they have a few Marines who get injured showing up at the hospital and they keep comparing Tyler to them health wise. So thank all for giving him some extra strength with those workouts.

4 thoughts on “A little thanks to a few great great friends

  1. Gaye Zeb - January 15, 0009

    Tyler is a classmate of my grandson, Keagan Stern. When I heard the news I immediately began praying for his life and for his complete recovery. I do believe that youth and good health are on his side and I believe in prayer.rnPlease know that I will continue to remember him as I read about his progress.

  2. LeeAnn Young - January 15, 0009

    Tyler, people are praying for you all over!!! I don’t know you, but my daughter (Merritt Young) has told me all about you. We have several different bible studies praying for you and Merritt’s school (St Gertrude). We have faith that God is with you on a road to a speedy recovery. Stay positive and please keep up the updates.

  3. Johnni Weingart - January 15, 0009

    God definitely has Tyler in the palm of His hand! Praying Psalm 91 for Tyler today …verse 15 “I will be with them in trouble, I will rescue them and honor them. I will satisfy them with a long life and give them my salvation. Thanking God for the Godwin Eagles!……He has a plan!

  4. Natalie Reddell - January 15, 0009

    Love this! So great to hear! God’s grace keeps popping up and those Godwin boys ROCK!

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