I received several emails asking about Emily. When we were notified of Tyler’s accident we had very few details and were unsure of Tyler’s condition. We decided it would be best for Emily to stay with Michelle’s parents until we were able to get better situated down here. Her grandfather picked her up (along with our furry family companions). She will be making a trip down tomorrow for a visit. She is doing okay and has a lot of support from her friends.

5 thoughts on “Emily

  1. Megan Varner - August 28, 2015

    Michelle love and prayers to you all. The last part of your message had me in happy tears. I can remember thinking he needed bubble wrap when he was younger with the concussions & stitches. Great memories.
    P.S. Mattie said if Tyler needs a hair cut she would be happy to bring the scissors and crawl under the bed and cut
    his hair.. 😉

  2. Keith Wagner - August 29, 2015

    Praying for you guys Trey, goes without saying, but anything you need holler.

  3. Judy Wentz - August 29, 2015

    When I think of my Tyler, I think of a strong tall person leaning down to give me the biggest HUGS I can
    remember. I’m hugging you now! Luv Gran.

  4. Auntie - August 29, 2015

    My prayers and love are with all of you. Talked to Al yesterday and know he will be joining you today.

  5. Annette Hollingsworth - August 29, 2015

    We have been thinking about you and praying for the family. I have put the family on our church prayer list. I will give them updates as they come in on the site. The kitties are doing fine. So just get Tyler well. If you need me to do anything on this end just text or call me.

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